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Third Country Nationals

Third country nationals (non EU/EEA or Swiss citizens) need a valid visa for entry and/or residence in Austria. The specific type of permit required depends on the duration and purpose of the stay. 

Stay up to a maximum of 6 months

Scientific employees, who work only temporarily in Austria, require a visa for profit-making purposes (remark "ERWERB"). Dependent on the duration of the stay the visa C (up to 90 days) or the visa D (91 days to 6 months) can only be applied for at the competent Austrian diplomatic mission abroad. Once a valid visa C or D for profit-making purposes has been obtained, work can be started immediately after entry. Visas cannot be renewed in Austria.

NOTE: The remark "ABH.AT" is not sufficient to take up work.
Visa C allows you to stay in the
Visa D allows you to stay in other Schengen-countries for at most 90 days.

Stay exceeding 6 months

Scientific employees, who work for more than 6 months in Austria, require a residence title according to the Austrian Settlement and Residence Act (NAG). This title must be presented to the Human Resources Administration before start of work. 

The following residence titles are applicable for scientific employees:

  • Residence permit - Researcher
  • Residence permit - Special Cases of Paid Employment 
  • Red-White-Red card (permanent residence intent)


After receiving a Visa D for profit-making purposes (application Austrian Representation abroad) an application for a residence permit “Special Cases of Paid Employment” and “Researcher” in Austria is possible.


For further information, please see the following overview:


Overview on entry and residence titles for scientific employees

Non-scientific employees furthermore require a work permit.

Check-lists for the application for a:

Guide to residence and employment of international researchers in Austria (January 2017)

Further information on entry and stay in Austria is provided by the Federal Government and the Austrian Exchange Service.


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