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Human Resources Development at the University of Vienna

In the framework of its task profile, the Human Resources department supports the University of Vienna in implementing the organisation and development plan as follows:

  • training programmes are developed and implemented and further training programmes are continued for all members of staff, contributing to improved efficiency of administrative services,
  • support and educational programmes to strengthen the importance of the University of Vienna as an internationally attractive centre for young, innovative scientists and academics are developed and implemented,
  • (potential) managers are prepared for future tasks as managers of organisational units or are supported in their professional fulfilment
  • existing resources, knowledge and abilities are systematically surveyed and “administered” to the benefit of both the whole organisation and the individual.

The aim of human-resources development is to raise the motivation, job satisfaction and identification of staff with the University. The personnel development thereby contributes to the successful realisation of the university’s objectives.

Human-resources development mentors and advises all members of staff from the time they join the University of Vienna until they leave.

At the individual level, the team level and the organisational unit level, human-resources development at the University of Vienna is aimed at

  • every member of staff (general and scientific/academic personnel, new members of staff and those with long-term experience as well as managers and functionaries),
  • faculties, centres, departments, institutes, project groups, divisions, service units, teams, staff offices and sections,
  • committees and other university bodies

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