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Announcement of professorial positons

University professors are expected to be equally involved in research (development and improvement of the arts) and in teaching.  Exceptions can be made if required and should be specified in the contracts. 

Irrespective of the formal eduction he or she has enjoyed, each University professor is expected to meet the high scientific or artistic standards required by the position.

It is possible to employ University professors on a part-time basis, for example if they are also employed by another University at the same location or by a non-university research institution or if they have close ties to a non-university practice.

§ 97. Universities Act 2002

(1) The professors shall be responsible for research and teaching, or the advancement and appreciation of the arts, and for teaching in their field, and shall be employed by the university on a temporary or permanent basis. They shall be full-or part-time employees.

(2) Both Austrian and foreign academics or artists whose academic or artistic and professional credentials qualify them for the subjects related to the positions to be filled may be appointed as university professors.

(3) University professors shall be appointed by the rector following an appointment procedure in accordance with sections 98 or 99. 


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