Awareness raising & events

Raising awareness for gender-related issues in the public is one of the core tasks in the field of equal opportunities. Therefore, the Gender Equality and Diversity unit launches projects that remain permanently visible and have a long-lasting effect and organises subject-specific events.

New information added to our audio guide

Biographies of 7 female academics

On the occasion of the 650th Anniversary, the University of Vienna honoured seven female academics in a ceremony in the Arcaded Courtyard with monuments designed by various artists: Charlotte Bühler, Marie Jahoda, Berta Karlik, Lise Meitner, Grete Mostny-Glaser, Elise Richter and Olga Taussky-Todd.

The "Endlich da! – Eine-sieben-Leben-Performance" (Finally here! – A-seven-lives-performance) by the portraittheater is now part of the audio guide of the University of Vienna and tells us about the extraordinary biographies of those seven women.

Ongoing projects

Monuments dedicated to female academics

Monument dedicated to Lise Meitner

In addition to Lise Meitner (photo), the University honoured Charlotte Bühler, Marie Jahoda, Berta Karlik, Grete Mostny-Glaser, Elise Richter and Olga Taussky-Todd with their own monuments.

With 154 monuments and numerous plaques, the University of Vienna honours prominent figures in its Arcaded Courtyard. They, however, only include a single honorary plaque dedicated to a woman: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. The University of Vienna took the anniversary year 2015 as an occasion to change this. As a result, monuments dedicated to seven female academics were created – among them the first female professor of the University of Vienna: the physicist Berta Karlik.

Quiz on equal opportunities

Employee working at the office

An online quiz allows you to test your knowledge of women at the University of Vienna and equal opportunities.

On the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of the Gender Equality and Diversity unit in 2015, an online quiz (in German) that playfully tests your knowledge of the history of women at the University of Vienna and of equal opportunities was developed. 

Art project "The muse has had it"

Art project

"The Muse has had it" is a giant shadow silhouette of a woman that lies diagonally on part of the courtyard, standing in a combative posture and thrusting her fist in the air.

The fact that for decades hardly any female academics were honoured by the University was made the subject of the art contest BIG ART, which was jointly organised by the University of Vienna and the BIG in 2009. From all submissions, the project "The Muse has had it" by the artist Iris Andraschek won. Surrounded by more than 100 monuments and plaques dedicated to male academics and a single plaque dedicated to a woman, the intervention made of granite is now clearly visible in the Arcaded Courtyard.

Virtual exhibition "Frauen Leben Wissenschaft" (women live academia)

Exhibition boards

The exhibition boards serve to illustrate the different stages of an academic career.

The virtual exhibition "Frauen Leben Wissenschaft" (women live academia)(in German) in 2007 was aimed at making the work of female academics at the University of Vienna visible and to let women – academics and students – talk about their working realities and perspectives. 


Women’s Day 2016: a retrospective

In the context of the International Women’s Day, the Gender Equality and Diversity unit collaborated with the FrauenFilmTage (women’s movie days) festival and had a critical look at the issue of violence against women with two short films and scenic performances by the theatre group Pánico Escenico on 15 March 2016. It addressed everyday assaults against women and challenged the stereotype of women as victims.

Katharina Beclin (legal expert, University of Vienna), Fiona Rukschcio (filmmaker), Berivan Sayici (ÖH, University of Vienna), Helga Treichl (Sexual Harassment and Mobbing Counselling Office, University of Vienna) and Rada Zivadinovic (ÖH, University of Vienna) participated in the ensuing panel discussion led by Ursula Wagner (University of Vienna). 

15-year anniversary: a retrospective

On 15 October 2015, the Gender Equality and Diversity unit celebrated its 15-year anniversary at the Skylounge at Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz. Following a welcome from Rector Engl and Sylwia Bukowska (Head of the Unit), Professor Elisabeth Holzleithner gave a talk on “Supporting, challenging, managing. On equal opportunities in times of diversity”. The quartet Extrachello provided the musical framework. In the course of the celebration, the new online quiz (in German), containing questions on gender-related issues, was presented as well.