Rolling our eyes together - be part of it!

Everybody who works for equality and against discrimination has encountered somebody rolling their eyes at them at some point. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Culture and Equality unit, we change places and roll our eyes back at them. Do you, too, roll your eyes when pointing out discrimination or equality concerns aren't taken seriously? Then share your eyeroll with us!

The Kastalia statue in the university's courtyard rolls her eyes.

Kastalia wishes for faster advances with equality and diversity.

(c) der Knopfdrücker

Sara Ahmed

Why the eyeroll?

The feminist Sara Ahmed writes in her book Living a Feminist Life: "Eyes seem to roll wherever you go, whatever you say. […] It can seem as if eyes roll as an expression of collective exasperation because you are feminist."

Sara Ahmed expresses that anti-discriminatory activism is often faced with a certain irritation that forces feminists into a defensive position. Considering continuing injustices it is feminists who are irritated, though. Irritated that they have to fight the same fights over and over again. Therefore it is time that feminists discover the eyeroll for themselves as an expression for that irritation.

What do YOU want?

Are you irritated in your daily life because somebody made a misogynist or racist joke yet again? And have you ever experienced not being taken seriously when you comment on this behaviour?

Then it is high time that you get to roll your eyes in irritation for once!

Please share your experiences with us and let us know what you wish for with regards to gender equality and diversity at the University of Vienna.

Be part of it!

We are looking forward to submissions of your photos and statements through this form or directly via e-mail to

What are we planning with these submissions?

Originally we collected the submissions for our anniversary publication that is already finished by now. But we like to keep in touch and to hear for you, therefore we decided to keep submissions open. Maybe at some point we will find another opportunity to publish new submissions. In this case, we will contact you before we publish your statement and/or photo (if you give us your e-mail address).

Other possibilities to react

Rolling your eyes to express your frustration, or writing down your wishes about what equality should actually look like are both important and right. But of course there are also things you can do, ...

... when you are facing discrimination yourself:

... when you are witnessing discirimination or want to prevent it: