Recruiting new employees is a key success factor and image factor for the University. All units of the University of Vienna that advertise a vacancy have the opportunity to receive counselling and support from the recruiting team of the Human Resources and Development unit during the advertisement and selection procedure.

 Creating a job announcement

The entire job announcement procedure – from entering the most important data about the job announcement to publishing the job announcement in the University Gazette – is available online under "Advertisement" on UNIVISonline.

UNIVISonline also provides detailed instructions on how to create a job announcement in the Job Center.

In addition, UNIVISonline also features a "Help" function, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the different applications.

 Recruitment procedure

Structured recruitment procedures aim to assess and compare – as objectively as possible – whether the applicants with their individual personalities and competencies are suitable for the announced position. The recruiting team provides counselling and support during the recruitment procedure.

The appointment of suitable candidates for professorships and tenure track positions follows special procedures.