Gender monitoring

Gender monitoring is an important cornerstone of the Culture and Equality unit's activities and initiatives. Gender ratios and, where possible, diversity categories can be visualised, developments monitored and priorities set.

The current data only allows for an analysis of men and women in Gender Monitoring - data about inter or non-binary people is simply not available so far. This binary is not an adequate reflection of reality. But it does reflect a society that negotiates power along this dichotomy. That means that complexity reducing, binary data can make gendered social mechanisms visible.

Current Data

Reporting Commitment in the Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality

In the Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality, the University of Vienna has committed itself to regularly analyse and report data on gender ratios at the University. These data are prepared by the Culture and Equality unit. They are online and updated annually. An English version of the site is currently in the works.

Income report

Access for employees

All employees of the University of Vienna have the possibility to obtain information on the medium income in their own salary bracket of the previous year.
Further information is available on the intranet.

Newly published

Gender in Focus 7

Publications, third-party funds and mobility are among the central criteria to measure an academic career. They are important factors in the competition for the coveted academic top positions. As seemingly neutral criteria, they assume a high degree of productivity, availability and mobility from academics and contain a (gender) bias as many international studies were already able to show.

The current publication "Gender in Focus" looks at these factors at the University of Vienna under the title "The Triangulation of Success. Publications, Third-Party Funds and Mobility at the University of Vienna". Also included are "scissor diagrams" depicting careers at the University of Vienna, the four faculty clusters and the faculties for the year 2021.

The publication can be downloaded here or oderered in print via mail to

To read and reference

Academic Careers and Gender Bias

This publication makes the (unconscious) gender bias that influences many situations visible: stereotypes of how women are and how men are; ideas of what make the perfect scientist; and the clash of those elements are captured in numbers and international studies.

These studies point to the fact that our actions and our decisions are often influenced by unconscious attitudes and presuppositions. The appointment of professorships by commissions and panels, whose own standard it is to choose the best candidates as objectively as possible, are no exception. It is therefore especially for them that this publication aims to make it easier to see possible bias in their decisions.

Data brochures

The Culture and Equality unit is responsible for developing and publishing the data brochure "Gender im Fokus. Studium und Karrierewege der Universität Wien" (Gender in focus. Study Programmes and Career Paths at the University of Vienna). The aim is to regularly examine the representation of men and women in all organisational entities and on all hierarchical levels at the University in order to indicate changes throughout the years.

The sixth data brochure was published at the end of 2018. A print version (in German) can be requested for free from the unit, the digital downloads are available here.

Gender pay gap report

The Culture and Equality unit produces an annual internal gender pay gap report, which provides a detailed analysis of the staff's gender pay differences and which is submitted to the university management.