New employees

With more than 9,700 employees and about 90,000 students, the University of Vienna is the largest university in Austria. The wide range of services and the University of Vienna’s complex structure can often be overwhelming for new employees when they start working here. However, the University has a long tradition of helping new staff familiarise themselves with their work environment by offering a range of support measures.


Start up brochure

The Start up brochure aims to help new university staff members familiarise themselves with their new workplace. The information gathered in the brochure gives an initial overview of the University of Vienna’s structure and organisation. In addition, there is a service section that provides practical information about the University. The brochure is available online as well as in hard copy (to order one, please e-mail

 Welcome Day

On the Rectorate’s initiative, the Human Resources Development unit has been organising the Welcome Day since October 2005 – this is when the University of Vienna welcomes new members of staff. In addition to the Rectorate’s official welcome, the event provides an opportunity to meet colleagues. The participants receive an overview of the University’s structure and organisation as well as an insight into its history and traditions. In addition, they are introduced to important university facilities.

 Information & services (A to Z)

Starting a new job means having to get used to a new environment. New employees are bound to have questions, especially at the very beginning. The following guide gives an insight into some important services, offers and supporting institutions of the University along with the terminology used by the University.