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The perception and recognition of diversity are key fundamental values of the University of Vienna. Diversity expands the ways we think and act and is therefore an important asset to society. Therefore, the University of Vienna is committed to promote diversity.

Mission statement of the University of Vienna

"Students and staff of the University of Vienna form a community of people with different characteristics such as age and gender, social and geographical origin, internationality and people with disabilities. They are characterised by different life situations, experiences, views and competences. The University of Vienna sees this diversity as an asset. The University respects and supports transgender and intersex people within the scope of its possibilities. University members treat one another with mutual respect and understanding for each other’s differences. They avoid any behaviour which runs counter to this principle. Appreciation of diversity is a task which the University of Vienna accepts as a matter of course..."
(Source: University of Vienna 2025 Development Plan, p. 58)

What is diversity?

Discussing diversity and dealing with it constructively requires knowledge of the dimensions of diversity, which influence the measures focusing on this issue.

Points of call

At the University of Vienna, various different organisations and information resources share responsibility for diversity management.

Projects, initiatives & services

A range of projects, initiatives and services at the University of Vienna are dedicated to the subject of diversity.

Diversity in action

Diversity in Action: the 3-Pillars-Model of Interaction of the University of Vienna

On December 11, 2018 the University of Vienna received the diversity management award "Diversitas" from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for the diversity policy "Diversity in Action: The 3-Pillars-Model of Interaction". The Diversitas award was given to seven Austrian universities. You can find more information on the decorated policy here.

Focus on diversity

Student survey

In 2014, the Culture and Equality unit with the support of CHE Consult carried out a student diversity survey commissioned by the Rectorate of the University of Vienna, in which around 19,000 degree programme students took part. Here you can find key results of the student survey (in German).