Gender monitoring

The Gender Equality and Diversity unit has continuously expanded the area of gender monitoring in recent years. Furthermore, data analysis will be further developed to head in the direction of diversity monitoring. So far, the Unit has implemented the following equal opportunity measures:

Data brochures

Cover of the brochure

The Gender Equality and Diversity unit is responsible for developing and publishing the data brochure "Gender im Fokus. Frauen und Männer an der Universität Wien" (Gender in focus. Men and women at the University of Vienna). The aim is to regularly examine the representation of men and women in all organisational entities and on all hierarchical levels at the University in order to indicate changes throughout the years.

Scissor diagrams

Scissor diagrams illustrate how the share of women and men at different stages of their academic careers develops. As of 2016, the Gender Equality and Diversity unit will be analysing this development annually in the form of a 5-year comparison, analysing all stages of academic careers – from the predoctoral level to professorships. The comparison of scissor diagrams of the years 2011 and 2016 of all faculties and centres of the University of Vienna is now available in German and English.

Gender pay gap monitoring

On the basis of the performance agreements of 2009-2012, a pilot project focusing on the gender pay gap was carried out at the University of Vienna. The aim of this project was to analyse the gender pay gap in different salary brackets according to the collective agreement. Based on this pilot project, a continuous gender pay gap monitoring system for all groups of employees contracted according to the collective agreement (academic and non-academic university staff) was developed and agreed on.

Income report

Inspection for employees

All employees of the University of Vienna have the possibility to obtain information on the medium income in their own salary bracket of the previous year.
Further information is available on the intranet.