Sexual Harassment & Bullying Counselling Office

Sexual Harassment & Bullying Counselling Office

For almost 20 years, the University of Vienna provides an official institution in the Counselling Office that offers psychological counselling in cases of sexual harrassment and bullying.

The Counselling Office is not staffed on November 14, 2019!

Target group

The Counselling Office is open to all employees and students.


Consultations are free of charge, anonymous and confidential.


The Counselling Office does not have any power to intervene or to impose sanctions.

"All members of the University - students as well as employees - have the right to be treated in a way that their dignity and personal integrity remain untouched. Mutual appreciation and respect are fundamental for equal opportunities and for a positive and motivating work and study environment, where everybody can develop further professionally and academically."
(Source: Brochure "Sexuelle Belästigung an der Universität Wien" (Sexual harassment at the University of Vienna)(in German), p. 3)