Sexual Harassment & Mobbing Counselling Office

With the establishment of the Sexual Harassment and Mobbing Counselling Office in February 2001, the University of Vienna was the first Austrian academic institution to offer counselling for sexual harassment and mobbing. 

"All members of the University - students as well as employees - have the right to be treated in a way that their dignity and personal integrity remain untouched. Mutual appreciation and respect are fundamental for equal opportunities and for a positive and motivating work and study environment, where everybody can develop further professionally and academically."
(Source: Brochure "Sexuelle Belästigung an der Universität Wien" (Sexual harassment at the University of Vienna)(in German), p. 3)

  • The Counselling Office is open to all employees and students.
  • Consultations are free of charge, anonymous and confidential.
  • The Counselling Office does not have any power to intervene or to impose sanctions.

Well informed

Information brochure

What is sexual harassment? What are typical forms of sexual harassment? What are the possible consequences for those affected? What are strategies to take action? The information brochure of the Equal Opportunities Working Party (in German) provides answer to these and many other important questions.

An interview with: Sylwia Bukowska and Helga Treichl

Sylwia Bukowska and Helga Treichl

Sylwia Bukowska (left) is the Head of the Gender Equality and Diversity unit. Helga Treichl (right), clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, leads the Sexual Harassment and Mobbing Counselling Office, which is part of the Gender Equality and Diversity unit. (Photo: University of Vienna)

Every training relationship is also a relationship of dependence. Do you sometimes experience unpleasant situations in your studies that cross your personal boundaries? If you do, you can turn to the Sexual Harassment and Counselling Office for advice. In this interview, Sylwia Bukowska and Helga Treichl talk about the background of the Counselling Office.