Gender equality & diversity

The Gender Equality and Diversity unit provides services which, based on the issue of gender equality, aim at ensuring equal opportunities for all university members.

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The Gender Equality and Diversity unit is a service department of the University of Vienna and is a subunit of the Human Resources and Gender Equality unit.

Developments in society

Gender equality and diversity are social topics. Therefore, they depen on general developments in society. We talk about current phenomena here that strongly affect the work and issues of the Gender Equality and Diversity unit.

Career advancement

Academic career advancement includes offers such as workshops and long-term measures and is tailored to three different target groups:

Additionally, info on networking groups is collected.

Gender monitoring

Data collected within the framework of gender monitoring enable the University to monitor the representation of women and men and their developments


All members of the University of Vienna – students, staff, visitors and those who are interested in the University – contribute towards a diverse university culture with their individuality.

Visibility & transfer of knowledge

An important responsibility of the Gender Equality and Diversity unit is making issues with regards to gender equality and diversity effectively visible. The unit therefore organises talks and projects on different kinds of topics on a regular basis.


Gainful employment can not be lived independently from care work and self care. The University of Vienna wants to facilitate the reconciliation of these aspects of life.

Sexual Harassment & Mobbing Counselling Office

The Counselling Office is a contact point for those affected by sexual harassment and mobbing. Consultations are free of charge and confidential.

Always in the know

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