The perception, recognition and utilisation of diversity are key fundamental values of the University of Vienna. Diversity expands the ways we think and act and is therefore an important asset to society. Therefore, the University of Vienna is committed to promote diversity.

Mission statement of the University of Vienna

"Students and employees of the University of Vienna form a community of individuals of different age and gender, as well as divergent social and geographic backgrounds, and people with disabilities. They are shaped by their different living situations as well as their experiences, worldviews and skills. This diversity is seen as an advantage and ensures the University can provide compelling teaching and produce competitive research. However, diversity must also be nurtured and respected when providing equal opportunities within the University. The principle of equality of opportunity in all areas of the University needs to be applied here."
(Source: University of Vienna 2020 Development Plan, p. 15)

What is diversity?

Discussing diversity and dealing with it constructively requires knowledge of the dimensions of diversity, which influence the measures focusing on this issue.

Contact points

At the University of Vienna, various different organisations and information resources share responsibility for diversity management.

Projects, initiatives & services

A range of projects, initiatives and services at the University of Vienna are dedicated to the subject of diversity.

Focus on diversity

Student survey

In 2014, the Gender Equality and Diversity unit with the support of CHE Consult carried out a student diversity survey commissioned by the Rectorate of the University of Vienna, in which around 19,000 degree programme students took part. Key results of the student survey are available here (in German).