Key Facts Tenure Track Professorships at the University of Vienna

What candidates are we looking for?

  • with a doctoral degree/PhD and at least two years of post-doctoral experience
  • with an excellent publication record and international recognition
  • willing to provide leadership of an independent research group
  • enthusiastic for excellent teaching and supervision at all levels

What are your career prospects at the University of Vienna?

  • Initially we hire a tenure track professor on a six-year time-limited contract
  • After positive evaluation within the first six years of employment, a successful candidate will get a permanent contract as tenured Associate Professor
  • Associate professors with outstanding achievements can be promoted to Full Professor in a university internal competitive procedure

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity for a career track to tenured (Full) Professor
  • A dynamic research environment
  • Attractive working conditions in a city with a high quality of life

The University of Vienna is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity.
Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.

 Appointment procedure for tenure track professorships

The University of Vienna has developed a quality-oriented appointment procedure for filling tenure track professorships. Tenure track professorships are usually advertised internationally. The appointment proposal submitted to the member of the Rectorate who is responsible for personnel issues is prepared by a panel chaired by the member of the Rectorate who is responsible for research and comprises the (vice-)dean as well as professors from related subjects (including associate and associated professors). The appointment proposal is based on a comparative international appraisal.

The decision on whether to agree on a qualification agreement will be made  two years after starting  the position at the latest. After four years it is generally reviewed whether the qualification targets have been met. If the qualification targets have been fulfilled, a permanent employment contract as an associated professor will be made.