Tenure track professorships

With the tenure track professorship (assistant professor, associated professor), the 2002 Universities Act and the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff created a career model that has since been implemented at the University of Vienna.

“The goal is to create tenure track positions where existing staff positions become vacant, particularly in organisational units (faculties and centres) which reveal particular research potential. Tenure track positions will be filled gradually to avoid a cohort effect, which would bring about the result that the majority of tenure track positions of an organisational unit will not become available for reappointment for several decades. At the same time, fixed-term predoc and postdoc positions aim to ensure that flexibility in human resources policy is maintained or established.”
(Source: University of Vienna 2020 Development Plan, p.50)

 Appointment procedure for tenure track professorships

The University of Vienna has developed a quality-oriented appointment procedure for filling tenure track professorships. Tenure track professorships are usually advertised internationally. The appointment proposal submitted to the member of the Rectorate who is responsible for personnel issues is prepared by a panel chaired by the member of the Rectorate who is responsible for research and comprises the (vice-)dean as well as professors from related subjects (including associate and associated professors). The appointment proposal is based on a comparative international appraisal.

The decision on whether to provide a qualification agreement comes two years after commencement of duties at the latest. After four years it is generally checked whether the qualification targets have been met. This is done on the basis of international expert opinions by an analogous panel, and includes giving a lecture to a panel of experts. If the qualification targets have been met, a permanent employment contract as an associated professor will be concluded with the candidate.