Awareness Campaign to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Sexualised and gender-based violence can have far-reaching and lasting corporal, psychological and economic consequences for affected individuals. Health, quality of life, productivity and the actualization of work and study opportunities can be decreased considerably due to forms of sexualised discrimination.

It is the University of Vienna’s responsibility as an employer as well as research and educational institution to aim at increasing the awareness for different forms of violence and abuse of power structures through a university-wide prevention campaign.

Following the EU-project UniSAFE, this campaign aims to provide information and means of action for the prevention and handling of sexualized and/or gender-based discrimination and violence.

“Awareness Campaign to Prevent Gender-Based Violence” is funded by Gender-Mainstreaming-Bonus of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) (made possible by the project VRG21-011 by Barbara Christina Klump). The campaign will be run by the Culture and Equality unit from May 2023 to October 2024.


If you want to get in touch or want further information, please feel free to contact us:

What is sexual harassment?

What can victims, witnesses and leaders do against it? You can find more information in the Equal Opportunities Working Party’s brochure on the topic.

 If you are a victim or witness of sexual harassment or discrimination, you can turn to the following helplines and institutions offering support:

Places to consult at the University of Vienna

Confidential places for support:

Sexual Harassment & Bullying Counselling Office
→ psychological counselling, no power to intervene or to impose sanctions

Equal Opportunities Working Party
→ counselling, support, possibility to file complaints, checking compliance, not a decision-making body

Arbitration Committee
→ mediation in case of dispute, handling complaints submitted by the Equal Opportunities Working Party

Works Council for Scientific Staff
→ initial consultation

Works Council for General University Staff (German only)
→ initial consultation

Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of Students
Feminist office: counselling and report form to report incidents of discrimination (anonymously or real name)
Further offices: Anti-racism Work and Foreign Students, Accessibility, Queer Affairs, Working Class Students, etc.


To officially report an incident:
Human Resources and Gender Equality

Can be reached around-the-clock in case of an emergency:

Security Management (University of Vienna) 01/4277/777

Women’s Emergency Helpline 01/71719

Women’s Helpline 0800/222 555 (available for deaf women via RelayService – website German only)

Men’s Emergency Helpline 0800/400 777 (German only)

Männerinfo 0800/400 777 (German only)

Telefonseelsorge 142 (German only)

Police 133 or 112 → in case of imminent violence

Police text message 0800/133 133 → in case of imminent violence; way to get in touch for deaf people

Further options for external support: